Thursday, February 16, 2012

Water Bottle DeBunk

Water Bottle Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DeBunk The Bottle. Case Closed!

This is the laundry list of evidence proving the water bottle did not move as TAPS claimed it did.

1. As Jay describes the light coming into the bathroom we see the INSIDE four panel window open, towels on the side of the tub, a soap dish hooked over the inner tub wall:

2. Grant exits & the four panel window is now down, the towels are gone & the soap dish while difficult to see is now hooked over the front of the tub, the water bottle's on the sill.
Maybe they closed the window to minimize the light. The towels may have been in the way. It doesn't matter. You CANNOT claim paranormal activity with the moving of so many objects. You cannot say a ghost moved the bottle, without making reference to every other moved object.

You CANNOT claim paranormal activity with this many physical differences unless you also acknowledge why.

3. When Grant finds the bottle's moved (below) the camera very quickly pans across the toilet tank lid. Capturing that frame we see there is NO BOTTLE. (Bottle behind SyFy logo is a soap or hand creme dispenser). The very object they claim moved certainly did. It's not even there:

4. The four pane window (below) is also open or up, at this moment as you are now looking through the single pane exterior storm window. If you want to prove an object moved at the very least show the object in question! You must also maintain a sterile environment or explain why there are changes within the room or area:

We see Grant walking towards the bathroom going behind the living room couches to find the bottle's moved. But in the reveal they show Grant was actually sitting on the couches with Jay next to the bathroom. He then got up & walked behind the couch to find the bottle.

How can we have two different moments with the the same ending? They edited what we saw occur to what they say happened. Got it? Watch the REVEAL:

Major Discrepancies:
If you believe the bottle moved, then who opened the window, & moved the towel & soap dish?
If you believe the bottle moved then why in the very clip where Grant says it's on the toilet lid is there NO BOTTLE!?

But beyond all of this B.S. your paranormal pals look like youtube amateurs. They asking an entity/spirit/ a ghost to MOVE AN OBJECT. Yet they do not record it.
They don't because....THEY CAN'T!

They have more cameras available then they have crew!
Handheld, stationary, IR, DVR, FLIR (plus back up cameras) & the TV Crew which follows each team has it's share too. Yet they do not, let me repeat that, THEY DO NOT record the bathroom because? They can't. Because it just doesn't happen.

So they're either idiots, for not doing what is the most basic of paranormal research, RECORDING PROOF of its existence, or they lied.
If you believe they're not idiots than they...LIED!

THINK. You post a video. You show an bottle,.i.e. on your kitchen counter. You ask a spirit to move it. You turn off the lights. You stand outside of the kitchen, in another room where your view of the kitchen is also block by a closed door.
You then walk over to the kitchen only to find the bottle's now in the sink!
You then post this as REAL. You'd be slammed a fraud because you would be. You would've (either) had someone else put it in the sink, stopped to do it yourself & begin recording where you left off, or filmed the bottle in the sink FIRST then edited it so it was LAST.

Suspicious Behavior:
They ask the spirit to move the bottle but do not record it or the bathroom. The HOLY GRAIL of paranormal activity to capture an object floating in mid air, but they don't record it?
That's not only STUPID, or suspicious it's incriminating.

When they allege an entity is walking into the bathroom J & G stand watching it from afar. They're separated from the bathroom by the living room while watching the spirit from the dining room. (You just can't make this stuff up). J & G never record the spirit walking in front of them. In fact their camera sits on the table between them.

Not record the bottle. Because they can't. They know it. You know it. They avoid this issue like they do all the debunks. The only truth is, they fabricate.

Friday, October 14, 2011

FAAQ Frequent Asked & Asked... Questions!

Sorry, I no longer take requests to debunk. I haven't watched these (awful) fake ghost shows in a long time.

Facebook. I could have a FB page. Maybe 4! GH. GHI. GA. Including a FAKE UFO page. Think of the exposure. Think again. I'm not out to prove to the world these shows are fake. Besides I've done that.
What turned out to be a few videos debunking fraud inadvertently became youtube's most popular channel exposing these paranormal shows as a normal pranks.

Approaching 1 million views! Yeah I know. Some Moron could upload a video of an ant carrying a carrot & get 30 million hits. I never suspected these would get any more than 20-30 thousand, then fade away. A million views for a channel may be small compared to those who get 30 x that for a single video, but it's still hugely successful.

The shows have long tanked. There haven't been screams of fraud (based on AMAZING visual evidence) in quite some time.It's (fake) personal experiences, and (bogus) evp's. 

How can they stay on the air if what they say isn't true? It is based on their beliefs what "enhanced," audio/video they "capture," & from their own  "personal experiences," as to what they "believe, think or feel," "may have, could be, might possibly be," what happened.

Between this channel & High Def TV's they can't fabricate the visual as they once could. They are easily exposed even in total darkness. Unlike Grant's lies, that's the truth.