Friday, October 14, 2011

FAAQ Frequent Asked & Asked... Questions!

Sorry, I no longer take requests to debunk. I haven't watched these (awful) fake ghost shows in a long time.

Facebook. I could have a FB page. Maybe 4! GH. GHI. GA. Including a FAKE UFO page. Think of the exposure. Think again. I'm not out to prove to the world these shows are fake. Besides I've done that.
What turned out to be a few videos debunking fraud inadvertently became youtube's most popular channel exposing these paranormal shows as a normal pranks.

Approaching 1 million views! Yeah I know. Some Moron could upload a video of an ant carrying a carrot & get 30 million hits. I never suspected these would get any more than 20-30 thousand, then fade away. A million views for a channel may be small compared to those who get 30 x that for a single video, but it's still hugely successful.

The shows have long tanked. There haven't been screams of fraud (based on AMAZING visual evidence) in quite some time.It's (fake) personal experiences, and (bogus) evp's. 

How can they stay on the air if what they say isn't true? It is based on their beliefs what "enhanced," audio/video they "capture," & from their own  "personal experiences," as to what they "believe, think or feel," "may have, could be, might possibly be," what happened.

Between this channel & High Def TV's they can't fabricate the visual as they once could. They are easily exposed even in total darkness. Unlike Grant's lies, that's the truth.